1 Year Of Carnedd

We recently celebrated one year of Carnedd.
Although I had been working as a contractor for over six years before Carnedd, May marks the date when I employed for the first time.
At the one-year mark, we now have three full time members of staff; all self-funded from our profits. We have also been lucky to have had an intern placed with us (staff member 4) courtesy of the Skills Academy, Creative Wales & M-SParc.
This year we got to build on our work in the care home sector as well as start new projects with local startups in NW Wales. We even got to work on an innovative project to support the NHS.
I like to think we have also made a small contribution to the local tech scene. We offer meaningful employment to people who call the area home, pro bono signposting for micro startups, as well as getting involved in outreach programmes, visiting schools and universities, and sitting on advisory boards with the aim of helping to grow tech here in NW Wales.
I also had what can only be described as an inspirational and memorable trip to MIT, where I learnt how academia and industry can work together to achieve great things and I attempted (alas, unsuccessfully) to coerce the co-founder of Bose into being my grandfather / mentor.

I am extremely proud to be building a software team which puts it's people first and emulates the good but rights the wrongs I have witnessed in the industry over the last 10 years. A big thank you to everybody who has helped us along the way. This simply would not have been possible without our clients, the hard work of the team, the community at M-SParc and all the kind people along the way who have recognised our potential and given us the opportunities to realise it. I am incredibly grateful, and it will never be lost on me.
Here’s to the next one.