A little trip to Berlin

This June I was lucky enough to be taken by M-Sparc to Berlin, to attend the Hub Berlin conference 2023.

A little trip to Berlin

The city was a fantastic backdrop for the conference. Which featured talks mostly dominated by Generative AI. This represented an excellent chance to catchup on current trends, and learn about what other tech leaders are currently working on.

The M-Sparc ecosystem got to briefly take to the global stage (twice) and tell the good people of Berlin about what we get up to in deepest, darkest North Wales.

As part of the trip, I felt extremely privileged to be able to attend the British Embassy and learn about the work of the Welsh Ambassadors in Berlin, and what they do to promote Welsh businesses in the city.

As ever, a huge part of these trips is the networking you do in the group you travel with, and the chance to spend time really understanding the businesses we share a building with has already proven invaluable.

A huge thanks to M-Sparc for arranging the trip and taking me along.