Anthony & The Skills Academy

Meet our Intern Anthony, who is currently on placement with us courtesy of the skills academy.

Anthony & The Skills Academy

For the last three months we have had Anthony on placement with us as an intern, courtesy of the Skills Academy at M-Sparc.

The Skills Academy provides placements for people looking to break into the digital sector. Members of the Academy are placed with relevant businesses where they can gain experience, and the businesses that participate benefit from a funded member of staff.

Anthony has been with us for a few months now, where he has benefited from mentoring and training from the team as well as gaining practical experience working on real software products. During his time with us, Anthony has built the new Carnedd website (launching soon) as well as undergoing extensive training and working on other internal products. In the last couple of months of his placement, he will be progressing to working on our SaaS products for our clients.

Anthony has made a really positive impact in the Carnedd team and we hope to secure enough work in the coming months to be able to retain him when the placement ends this Autumn.

What the Skills Academy provides is truly invaluable to both its members and the businesses where they are placed. A huge thank you to M-Sparc for placing Anthony with us.  

Long live the Skills Academy!