AWS London Summit 2023

Getting back to conferences post pandemic.

AWS London Summit 2023

As a big advocate of AWS and the cloud, I was extremely excited to return to London for my first in-person AWS summit since before the Covid Pandemic.

For a free conference, the AWS summit is of such a high quality. With the talks often far exceeding the quality of talks I have seen at conferences with ticket prices exceeding £600.

One particular talk at the conference stood out to me. It was a panel of major investors, talking about what they look for in their investments. Generative AI being the buzzword currently, this topic, of course, came up.

The consensus seems to be; use it or be left behind. BUT remember…

  • Everything looks like a nail for a shiny hammer right now…it’s not.
  • Across investment portfolios, they are currently seeing a 10% up tick in productivity of coders through AI usage. Not the 40% claimed by some vendors.
  • Investors believe Cybersecurity and Quantum Computing pose a far bigger risk to investment portfolios then generative AI

This was incredibly refreshing to hear.

I also took the chance to swat up on some knowledge before resitting my AWS exam. Then sneaking off to Angel for a sneaky pint in the sunshine before the long train journey home.

If you are involved in running a tech stack in the cloud, either as a programmer, or even a non-technical founder, I cannot recommend attending these conferences highly enough. It is an inspiring day out, and the cost to benefit ratio is unbelievable.