Up to 50% funding to transform your business with tech

Across North Wales there is currently funding available which could allow SME’s to work with Carnedd, with up to 50% of the total cost funded.

Up to 50% funding to transform your business with tech

There are currently funding pots available to businesses across North Wales that could potentially allow you to work with Carnedd with up to 50% of the cost funded.

The terms of funding suggest qualifying projects must use technology to innovate and make improvements within your company and applications are judged by Business Wales representatives on a case by case basis, but if you have an innovative idea to enhance your business and a solid plan, you might be eligible.

Our technical leadership service can translate ideas into practical steps, and our team of developers have the programming skills required to make these transformational changes real. Some of the things we could help you with under this scheme are...

  • Developing new and novel technology that does not currently exist
  • In an existing business, joining disparate systems together to increase productivity
  • Implementing bespoke software to increase efficiency or the output of a department.

If you have an idea you think might qualify, get in touch. We are always interested in chatting about potential new projects.

Please Note.

We cannot guarantee you will receive funding to work with us, and we are in no way affiliated with the funding bodies. Receiving any form of funding or subsidies comes with pros and cons, and it is your responsibility to weigh these.

We are sharing this because we recently worked on projects with clients that would have been eligible for the funding, and are looking to see if anyone else might be interested in taking advantage of the subsidies available to work with us.

The funding is nothing to do with us, and you could get it without us...we are merely suggesting you could apply for these funding pots to work with us...because we have the expert knowledge to help you to transform your business with technology.